Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo National Valley Park which is 1,442 square kilometers lies in the rugged semi-arid Karamoja province valleys and its 700km from Kampala. It was Gazetted as a national park in 1962, has a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475 bird species.

It is one of Uganda’s prime most remote but spectacular national parks that harbors scenery unsurpassed in any other park in East Africa.


kidepo national park uganda

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Most of the tourists that visit nature gifted park comment on the scenery and often promise and do come back to re-visit Kidepo, for according to them this tour can’t not be any better anywhere

As a mysterious Uganda safari tour destination, located in Uganda’s border with Kenya and Sudan, The Park provides breathtaking savannah landscapes that end into horizon which are rugged. The park has a wide latitudinal range that caters off a wide range of climatic conditions that have favored vegetation which is diverse. As result this has facilitated the growth of a various animal species in the park that are equally abundant including many not found anywhere else in Uganda.

The northwestern boundary of the park runs along the international frontier with South Sudan and adjoins against the Kidepo Game Reserve. Since time memorial the Indigenous Karamajong farmers and Dodoth pastoralists were inhabitants of the area before it was gazetted as a game reserve by the British colonial government in 1958 with the aim of protecting animals from being killed. Park is one of those recommendable parks in Pearl of Africa- Uganda and most of the tourists who persist to travel on the land up to there have lived to wonder about this outstanding wilderness in Africa and Uganda in particular.


The Park has proven a life time memory to great birders, internationally due to her unique -diverse list of birds it has to offer to visitors. The most interesting viewpoints are Apoka Rest Camp and park headquarters which are overlooking the shallow and southern Narus Valley.

The park harbors a great diversity of animal species compared to other parks. From the total of 80 species of mammals highlighted in 1971, twenty eight of them could not be found in other protected areas in Ugandan


Hiking is usually carried out a few kilometers from the Park Headquarters on Mountains Lamoji, The magnificent Kidepo river valley occupied by Borassus palm forest which can be viewed by interested visitors.


The park consists of the two major valley systems of the Narus River valley and Kidepo Valley. The floors of the Valleys are estimated to lie between 3,000 feet (910 m) and 4,000 feet (1,200 m)
Kanangarok (also spelled Kananorok or Kanatarok) is a tepid in the extreme north of the Park, beside the boundaries of South Sudanese. The spring happens to be the most outstanding source of water in Kidepo national park. The type of soil in the park is clayey like. At the park, black clay and sandy-clay loam are the most predominate, whereas the Narus Valley is composed of freer-draining red clays and loams. The park’s altitude ranges between 2,750m and 914m above sea level.

The park’s Habitat is described to be Semi-desert scrub, also an open thorn-bush, long and short-grass open tree savannas, Kigelia woodland, riparian woodland including Borassus thick wood-land which looks like “Miombo”, Montane forest and granite out-crops and during the dry season, the only outstanding source of water in the park is found mostly in swamps and remnant pools in the broad Valley of Narus which is near Apoka. These seasonal wetlands combined with the open savannah terrain to form the Narus Valley the park’s prime game viewing location.


Kidepo Valley National Park is best known for birding safaris in Uganda which is also called heaven for the birders. It boasts of a bird list of almost beyond 475 bird species and this makes it rated number two after Queen Elizabeth National Park. Amongst the list of dry, eastern ” specials” not found in any other Ugandan national park are some of East Africa’s rarest and most considered after birds, such as the Black-breasted Barbet, Apallis. .
Kidepo`s vegetation is an open tree Savannah grass land which varies much in structure and com-position. It is dominated by Mountain forests some of the places which are high, while areas along River called Lorupei which is densely covered by acacia like forests. The game and Vegetation of the park is more typical of Kenya than other parts of Uganda where the landscape throughout is studded with, rocky outcrops, inselbergs and small hills which is a combination that makes Kidepo a unique prime tourist destination.


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