The cheetah enjoys Kidepo’s finest Savannah plains

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Where to find cheetahs during a wildlife safari in Uganda

Cheetahs have for long been known as the fastest land animals because of their fast speed. In Uganda, the cheetah offers rare sighting for those on a wildlife safari in Uganda, it can only be seen in Kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park was ranked as the best Uganda safari park and 3rd best Africa safari destinations by CNN because of its finest wilderness.

Previously there were fears that the cheetahs, were near extinction, they have been sighted of recent in Kidepo with numbers of up to 20. This is bright light to the conservation efforts.

Encountering the cheetahs is one of the memorable moments for any tourist on a Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo valley national park, it pays off the distance.

Brief facts about the cheetah

Their habitats in Africa’s grasslands ranging from semidesert and savanna to high grasslands and even mountainous regions.

Cheetahs are an Acinonyx jubatus species belonging to the cat family. They are a large cat of the sub family Felinae. They are the smallest of the big cats.

The cheetah has a tan of round black spots, white underbelly and black tear marks that run from under the eyes down to the mouth. This helps to differentiate it from similar animals like the leopards.

The cheetahs are the only animals in the cat family that have the ability to turn in midair when following their prey.

A surprising fact is that the cheetah rarely drink water. They find water from the prey they fed on.

Cheetahs in Kidepo valley national park

Cheetahs in Kidepo valley national park

Why the cheetah is the fastest land animal

The cheetah can run at a speed of up to 29m per second/76miles per hour accelerating from standstill to 68m per hour in less than 3 seconds.

The cheetah is able to cover this distance because it has an enlarged heart and lungs that enable it to take in lots of oxygen and circulate it in a very effective manner.

The cheetah nostrils are larger than most animal nostrils. The legs are long with claws that help it gain momentum on the ground. Its head is small and the waist is thin, with a long body. The general body structure makes the cheetah so swift for a longer distance.

The cheetahs need this speed for feeding, because its favorite prey, the gazelle is also one of the speediest land animals. The older antelopes, bush bucks and the impalas are part of the cheetah prey too. The speed too is favored by the vast plains.

One should probably be able to beat these features in order to race with a cheetah.

The unique cheetah social life

Male cheetahs form small groups of about two to three members for protection and the females tend to live on their own.

Cheetah gestation period of the cheetah isn’t so long, it lasts between 90-98days birthing a litter of 2- 8 cubs where after the female cheetahs raise the cubs on their own.

They reach the stage of sexual maturity at an age of about two years. In the wilderness, their life span reaches about 10-15 years.

The cheetah experience is one that’s rare but don’t miss to have the experience when you safari Uganda’s kidepo valley national park. Have the experience and try to race with the fastest land animal.



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