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Accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda safari news

Accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda safari news

Kidepo Valley National Park is situated far North East of Uganda in Kaabong district between the borders of the country with Sudan and Kenya. Its 410km from Kampala on almost a 12 hours’ drive making it one of the less visited Uganda safari parks hence rewarding to those who take time to visit. Virtually untouched this is the best place to have a true African experience just like before in the 21st century. Traveling to Kidepo is always perceived to be a long day’s safaris though possible with the popular 3 days Kidepo wildlife safari. When visiting the park many tourists wonder where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park or accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park but here is a top pick for you to relax from.

Uganda Safari accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park / Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National park

Luxury/up-market safari accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park

Apoka Safari Lodge kidepo valley national parkApoka safari lodge in Kidepo valley national park. The lodge gives the best spot to watch stars like never before in the night and listen to the roaring lions in the wild which is gives a priceless wildlife Uganda safari tours. The rooms at Apoka have been built with comfort in mind. Everything is handmade by local craftsmen, everything is large and capacious. 10 expansive rooms with natural canvas walls surround a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah. With inside sitting rooms and private verandas there are plenty of places to relax, read and sprawl.  Big hand-hewn beds with soft duvets are draped with mosquito nets, hand-woven woolen carpets, extra-large plush towels, over-sized dressing gowns. This is the best place to have a luxury relax on a Uganda wildlife tour.

Mid-range safari accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo savannah lodge in Kaabong Uganda amidst the sights and sounds of wildlife with rooms crafted to reflect somewhat the African culture and traditional style with a modern mix, Buffalo Base in Karenga.

Budget safari accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park

Apoka Rest Camp in kidepo valley national parkApoka rest camp in Kidepo Valley. Sixteen self-contained chalets are offered at Apoka Rest Camp which is a hostel consisting of Fourteen Bandas each having 2 beds; the Bandas are actually not self-contained. With regard to visitors who choose camping, this park has 2 ‘Do it yourself’ camping grounds. You have to carry your own tent along with other camping gear. Guests are recommended to carry enough food as well as drinks to last them throughout their stay within the park. Cooking may be organized by the staff of the camp and also other additional diet for example chicken plus goat meat may be organized from the close by community intended for visitors that plan to stay for a longer time.

Apoka Rest Camp comes in play as the best lodging facility to start your birding adventure as you watch birds migrate in the morning at a panoramic view. At the edge of the camp is a small permanent water hole that attracts swallows and a variety of seedeaters including the Yellow-rumped Seedeater and is visited at night by the Four-banded Sandgrouse. Birding can also be done on the fringes of the Narus and Namamukweny Valleys. The silver bird and small bands of yellow-billed birds are frequent on the thorn trees of the open savannah.

Nga’Moru Wilderness camp. Nga’Moru, meaning ‘the place of rocks‘, overlooks the teeming Narus Valley in Kidepo Valley National Park. It is an ideal place to relax and view wildlife, many species of which are found nowhere else in Uganda. With its great food, excellent service and elegant bandas – each with a breathtaking view of the Narus Valley – it provides the perfect location to enjoy one of East Africa’s best kept secrets. It deserves a few nights stay. As Nga’Moru is situated next to the park boundary, daily game-viewing from camp is a leisurely affair. Sightings from camp include hartebeest, waterbuck, zebra, giraffe, elephant, lion, and buffalo which regularly graze in the high rocky grounds of Nga’Moru, along with oribi, warthog, and a plethora of bird species – including nine raptors. And at the end of each day, there’s a spot by the fire to unwind and share safari tales with the other guests at Nga’Moru. Sit back in your camp chair, look up, and gaze into a night sky like no other you’ve ever seen. Listen for grunting lions, yelping jackals and laughing hyena near camp.

Kidepo valley National Park is ranked one of the best Uganda tour destinations and can be tailored with other safari destinations. To the East is Mount Elgon National Park where you can go for a hike. In the north is Murchison Falls National Park where you can continue for Uganda wildlife safaris for great encounters.

Don’t hesitate to visit Kidepo Valley National Park in a bid of looking for where to stay. Choose the right facility and spend your stay here safely.


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