3 Days Uganda wildlife safari Kidepo Valley National Park

Your 3 days Uganda wildlife safari Kidepo Valley national park or 3 days flying Uganda wildlife tour Kidepo is a short flight tour to Kidepo Valley national park far north east of Uganda. Named several times as the best safari park in Uganda and one of the best wildernesses in Africa, a trip to this wilderness is more than just a Uganda wildlife safari but an adventure to an amazing wilderness. With a lot of endemics this short tour offers you a chance to sight species like the cheetah and ostrich in the two biomes of Kidepo.

3 days Uganda wildlife safari Kidepo Valley national park

Game drive in Kidepo valley national park

For an amazing tour to Kidepo valley, get all details from this itinerary

Uganda Safari to Kidepo National Park; 3 Days Uganda Wildlife Flying Safari to Kidepo






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