A Glance At What Justifies Uganda As The Pearl Of Africa?

>>>>A Glance At What Justifies Uganda As The Pearl Of Africa?

A Glance At What Justifies Uganda As The Pearl Of Africa?

Home to over 127 districts, Uganda is a one stop Africa safari destination that has something for everyone. From the legendary snow capped Rwenzori Mountains through its virgin rolling hills of the eland to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, from Lake Victoria down the mighty Nile River the country Uganda has enormous natural and cultural wealth. Because it has something for everyone, Uganda has several Uganda safari activities for tourists to enjoy on their safaris in Uganda including; Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris, Uganda adventure safaris, Uganda adrenaline adventure safaris, Kampala city tours, Jinja city tours and many more.

Numerous travelers safari Uganda because they have heard about the Pearl of Africa filled with stunning landscapes with exclusive natural beauty and numerous wildlife worth seeing on a Holiday. Visit Uganda and add a travel chapter in your life story! A Uganda safari experience in this magical beautiful country cannot be best described by mere words because it’s far beyond pleasure and there are no specific words can explain it.

As a country, Uganda has a good number of Uganda wildlife safari attractions well distributed in various parks across the country. These include some of the deadliest species on the planet, large mammals, calm and insignificant wild animals, colorful butterflies, jumpy primates especially monkeys and humans closest relatives; the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees that are some of the prime tourist attractions in the country.

It is in Uganda where over 50% of the world’s endangered Mountain Gorillas are still preserved; it is the same place where the world’s longest mighty Nile river starts its long journey to the Mediterranean Sea; and it is also the same place where you will find the world’s second largest fresh water lake; Lake Victoria after Lake Superior in North America.

Undoubtedly famous for its Mountain gorillas, the country is more than just gorillas! For magnificence, Uganda is home to a good variety of wildlife hence Uganda wildlife safaris, short Uganda wildlife safaris, long Uganda wildlife safaris are going on in its National parks. Uganda has over 10 National Parks with unique wildlife including; in cheetah and ostrich in Kidepo National Park, the big 5 game and Crocodiles in Murchison Falls National Park, Zebras and Eland in Lake Mburo National Park, are a must see. The launch cruise along Kazinga channel and that along the River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda and Jinja source of the Nile, the tree climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park are all true rewards to the discerning traveler.

But still, wildlife isn’t the only magic to see on your Africa safari, Uganda as a great country has a lot to offer. There are more adventurous safari activities to enjoy like white water rafting Jinja, horseback riding Jinja, quad biking Jinja, Kayaking Jinja and mountain hiking safaris Uganda are a must for the daring, enjoy interacting with the friendly people of Uganda and this will complete the true story of Uganda.

Still not convinced? Check out Uganda our Uganda safari packages and activities that should give you plenty of reason to visit Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

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