Kidepo named among the best 8 safari destinations in Africa by CNN Travel

>>>>Kidepo named among the best 8 safari destinations in Africa by CNN Travel

Kidepo named among the best 8 safari destinations in Africa by CNN Travel

Kidepo national park yet again appreciated for its beauty. CNN travel in one of their recent articles updated in August 2018 titled 8 of the best safari destinations in Africa listed Kidepo national park in Uganda as the second-best Africa safari destination. This comes after CNN Travel stated that

There’s a reason Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa. It’s been a top tourist destination for a few years now because of its stunning scenery and wildlife. One of its best treasures, however, remains hidden. Off the beaten track, Kidepo National Park is nestled among the rugged hills and valleys of northern Uganda. It’s a place so hidden away its beauty has mostly gone unnoticed — until now. (2016)

In their recent article CNN Travel states that Kidepo might be the most beautiful park in all Africa. With the sweeping plains of Kidepo and Narus Valleys overshadowed by the brooding mountain scape of Mount Morungole (the sacred peak of the mysterious Ik people,) this park has huge appeal just for scenery alone. Kidepo was named second of the eight national parks. They added.

Kidepo national park is located far North eastern Uganda in the district of Kaabong north west of Moroto (the largest town in the region) between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. The national park is distant from Kampala-Uganda’s capital (some 418km) and this has been the reason for fewer number of visitors to the park. How to get to Kidepo national park however shouldn’t be the reason for failure to get to this great wilderness, there various comfortable options including fly in safaris.

Kidepo national park is home to over 86 mammal species with about 28 endemics to the park. Wildlife in Kidepo includes herds of more than 4,000 buffalos (probably Africa’s largest single buffalo herd), elephants, fastest land animal-the cheetah, Bat-eared fox, caracal, klipspringer, lions, Maneless Zebras (ranging from North west Kenya and South Sudan), giraffe, Hyenas, Elands and Hartebeest.

Kidepo national park

Zebras in Kidepo plains

Along with wildlife, birds total to more than 475 bird species including the Ostrich, Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis that are endemic to this park. What to see in Kidepo national park is as diverse as the vast wilderness itself. On a Uganda wildlife safari, there’s no need to worry on where to stay in Kidepo national park since there hotels that offer the real African wilderness touch with a taste of the fresh foods.

Kidepo national park

Ostriches in Kidepo national park

Serengeti national park was listed among the best 8 destinations along with other African national parks because of the abundance of what to see there including the wildebeest seen on a Tanzania safari.

Take time to discover beauty in the wilderness and you will appreciate what the wild actually holds.

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