1 Day safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

Is it possible to have a 1-day safari to Kidepo Valley National Park and still enjoy the beauty in the wilderness? Yes, it is, it just depends on where your accessing the park from. Here is a detailed guide on how to plan a 1-day Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo Valley National Park. The 1-day safari to Kidepo valley national park could start from Karenga (40.2km)- one of the popular gate ways to Kidepo valley national park and Kaabong one of the major towns in north eastern region 50.2km away or any other area close to the park.

What you can do on a 1-day safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

For the best animal viewing, the best activities to do in Kidepo Valley National park is a full day game drive. The morning game drive starts at 7:00am and the more time you spend in the almost endless wilderness, the more amazing experiences.

Wildlife game drives are a perfect Uganda safari activity in this wild game packed safari park. The park with its rugged savanna allows the drive through the open park easy with sighting of the lions that maybe on the valley’s various rocks. Other game that can be sighted at the park are the elephants, leopards, bush duiker, jackal, bush buck, buffalo all together with the uniqueness of this land. The whole day in the wilderness gives the perfect understanding of the wildlife characters as they find prey and how every single animal struggle to find survival.

1-day safari to Kidepo valley national park

Game drive in Kidepo Valley national park

By the end of the day as one drives out of the park, there is much more to sight along the way.

The best way is to plan an extended safari with a tour operator in Kidepo valley national park. When the tour operator plans your safari, the tour package includes;

  • Park entrance fees
  • Game drive fees
  • Packed meals and water

When planning to safari Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park, Wear light clothes, light shoes and a hat since the temperatures in this wilderness are a bit high compared to other areas of Uganda.

When there’s a chance to explore this wilderness, take it and discover what thrives there. If there’s much more time take an extended safari and discover a lot more.

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